Extra Features a Top Web Host Should Include

When searching for a web host, there are certain features that are almost everyone looks for.  For instance, unlimited bandwidth, disk space and domains are pretty standard on most quality hosting plans.  While these features are definitely the most important to look for, a top web host should offer many other valuable features.  Below are just a few of the extra features that a top web host should include when you purchase a web hosting plan.

  • cPanel- cPanel is the most popular web hosting control panel available.  This control panel makes setting up your hosting account incredibly easy.  It also makes it simple to manage your hosting account once it’s set up.  Another benefit of using cPanel is Fantastico.  Fatastico is a program that makes installing tons of different scripts quick and easy.  So, when trying to find a top web host company, make sure that one of the features they offer is cPanel.   


  • Site Builder- If you’re experienced at building websites, then a site builder may not be a feature that really matters to you when choosing a web host.  However, most of the top web host companies do offer a free website builder.  If you don’t have any experience, then a site builder can really simplify the process and make it very easy to get a great looking site built in no time.  Often, then top web host companies will also include tons of different website templates for you to use for free as well. 


  • Email Accounts- While there is obviously a number of different companies, free and paid that offer email accounts.  The top web host companies will offer you unlimited email accounts for your website.  This is a great feature that allows you to keep all of your emails related to your site organized.  While this may not be important for you if you’re building a personal website, you’ll definitely want to have it if you’re building a company website since the email account will be linked to your domain name/

These are just a few of the extra features a top web host should include with your web hosting plan.  If a hosting plan doesn’t offer these features, you may want to reconsider purchasing a plan with the company, since most affordable companies will include them into even their basic plans at no additional cost. 

Important: Read This Before Purchasing A Hosting Account!